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MiaCMS is a high-performance, robust open source Content Management System, that is freely available for use in all kinds of web development projects that require dynamic, easily updateable content.  But not all web hosting services offer the server setup necessary to run the application effectively.  At CPS Web Hosting, we have optimized our server configuration to run miaCMS websites extremely efficiently.  And once your account is set up, we'll be happy to install the application for you free of charge.

Why should so many big hosting companies be so picky about helping customers install web applications? Beats us.  We like to do it.  Hell, when it's a great open source web application, we love to do it!  The more customers we have running sites on a robust CMS like mia, the better we look!  Not only that, but it saves us a lot of trouble when our customers' sites are powered by a CMS we know is secure.  So, if you're looking for a web host for your miaCMS-based site, today.  Our server is configured to leverage every feature of miaCMS, and we offer the kind of personal service that you won't get from the big discount web hosts.


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