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CPS Web Hosting gets a server upgrade
Written by Scott Crumpler   
Aug 08, 2008 at 07:06 PM
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CPS Web Hosting gets a server upgrade
Good news, folks!  We've just updated our server operating system to the latest Linux version, which should mean a faster, more stable, and more secure hosting experience for you!  There weren't any real security threats under the old system.  This is just a part of our continuing effort to ensure that our clients' sites are served as well as possible.  Many web hosts neglect their server setups, while new website security threats continue to emerge. But, it's my belief that as Dynamic "web app" driven sites grow in popularity among even small businesses and individuals, it's important to have a web host that focuses on secure, stable service. 

McAfee Secure SiteTo further underscore that point, we're proud to point out that our hosting customers are able to run dynamic websites on a server that is deemed by McAfee's Secure Site monitoring service to be 100% Secure.  Just take a look at KellyKettle.com, and note the McAfee Secure logo at the lower right portion of each page.  By signing up for the McAfee Secure service, you'll benefit from immediate alerts to any vulnerabilities in your web applications, as well as the confidence to reassure your customers that transactions made on your website are completely secure.

Now that we've made the switch, please do keep an eye out for any inconsistencies in your websites' performance.  We've made every effort to secure the server, above all else.  Older web applications which utilize less secure functions of dated operating systems may run into trouble.  If you need any advice, please contact us.  We'll be glad to help you out.

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